Event: 2014 Clovis Fest

Start: 09/20/2014 12:00 am

End: 09/21/2014 9:00 pm

Vendor Instructions - 2014 Clovis Fest


Attention Applicants: *Merchandise restrictions : CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING:

Satellite Service and Solar


PLEASE NOTE: Receive a 10% discount when you apply to BIG Hat Days 2014 and ClovisFest 2014. Offer only applies to same day applications with full payment

Chamber members receive a 10% discount. Please make sure your membership is up to date.

Please choose below from the classification that most closely matches your business and click the link to access the online application. If you have questions about location please view the event map.

Food Vendors

Food vendors that cook and prepare food on site, e-mail fran@clovischamber.com

Food vendors with pre-packaged products, continue to the commercial crafter category.

Apply as Commercial Crafter vendor below

Arts and Crafts Vendor Description:
PLEASE NOTE: Should you choose Arts & Crafts, vendors are required to prove the items are handmade by you. See below-
  • Items that are handmade by the applicant
  • Purchased products that are significantly enhanced by your personal artistic additions
  • Include picture to show item partially constructed along with finished item (shows workmanship and handmade process). Should include photo of crafter at work on partially completed item.
  • Picture of partial construction of items that will be sold in the booth. Picture can include project clusters, instead of single items.

      PLEASE NOTE: Should you choose Arts & Crafts, vendors are required to prove the items are handmade by you. Applications received without proof will be considered as commercial crafter, no exceptions. Booths will be inspected during the event.

      Apply as Arts & Crafts vendor
Commercial Crafter Vendor Description:
  • Items ordered/carried through another company and not handmade by the applicant

Apply as Commercial Crafter vendor

Business Commercial Description

  • Life Insurance/Loans, Wireless Phones, Satellite/Internet Communications (cannot accept this service as Sponsor has rights to exclusivity) and Accessories, Water/Purification, etc.
  • Party Plans/Catalog Sales/Health Products

Apply as Business Commercial vendor
  • Inline = 1 Selling side
  • End Cap = 2 Selling sides at end of section
  • Prime = 2 Selling sides anywhere within section
  • 20’ Spaces are available - Deduct 10% on the second booth, second booth being the least of the two.
  • For 10% 2-show discount you must fill out both the BIG HAT DAYS application and the ClovisFest application

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: This application is specifically for Arts & Crafts, Commercial Crafter, Business Commercial and Pre-packaged Gourmet Food vendors. If you are interested in becoming a Food Vendor, please contact the Clovis Chamber by emailing fran@clovischamber.com. We do not allow booth sharing.

APPLICATION/CONTRACT: Please follow these criteria instructions or your materials will be returned to you. There are no commission or jury fees. Please fill out the application completely, read and sign Conditions and Guidelines. Sign and keep a copy for your records and mail the original with your full booth fees.

  • Each application must have photos of products, Polaroid’s and faxes are not acceptable. Send at least four 3x5 current pictures of merchandise and at least one of booth display. See additional requirements for arts and crafts.
  • Photos will not be returned if you have been accepted.

Incomplete or illegible applications will be returned. Applications missing required photos and payment will not be accepted for jury and will be returned. You will receive a confirmation if you have been accepted and contacted if your choices are not available. Applications are accepted up to four weeks prior to show date unless sold out. Allow up to 10 business days for acceptance upon receiving all information. Pre-packaged food exhibitors will incur additional health department fees and an application available through the Clovis Chamber of Commerce.

JURING: If you were a 2013 exhibitor and you have not changed your product or presentation, you do not need to supply photos. All new products added to your booth must be approved. Any new product added after you are placed in a show could effect your placement due to category limitations and classifications. For example: if your primary craft is not jewelry or floral arrangements, you must receive prior approval to sell these products in our booth. You will be asked to remove any item from your booth that has not been juried and approved. The main factor taken into consideration for acceptance is quality and uniqueness of craft.

SALES TAX/RESALE # (required): All exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying their California Sales Tax on all sales made during each Festival and need to posses a California Resale License. Even if you are coming to one of the events from another state, you can get a temporary license. If you do not have a resale number, please contact the California State Board of Equalization at 1-800-400-7115 or visit www.boe.ca.gov. The City of Clovis 2013 tax rate is 8.225%.

CONFORMING TO BOOTH SIZE: VENDORS EXCEEDING SPACE WILL BE REMOVED FROM EVENT AND WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND. If you wish to hang or place anything on the outside of your booth, you may do so, as long as it does conform to the size of your space. If you do not have enough room for everything to fit in your space, please purchase a larger one. Boxes and merchandise may not remain on sidewalks for any reason. Boxes or other storage items may not be visible. Table cloths must be draped to the floor.

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING AND PROMOTION: The Clovis Chamber of Commerce Events are being aggressively marketed by professional radio and television publicity, statewide print media, websites, multiple crafters websites, VIA Magazine, RV Journal, Chamber Newsletters 30,000 + distribution.

CATEGORY LIMITATIONS! We have category limitations at each event. This helps limit the number of arts and crafts in your category so that each event has a variety of different media for the attendees to choose from. It also helps improve the overall quality of each show. We strive for a balance and variety of product throughout our shows, making sure those vendors selling the same are spread throughout and not next to one another. This applies to multiple applications from the same company, as well. To assure that there be only one representative.